Dominion Pest Control 

     Providence Rhode Island

"Take Dominion Over everything that creepeth"

Dominion Pest Control is committed to providing you the best Pest Control
program to fit your needs and your budget. " I have been In the Pest Control industry for Over a Quarter Century and have trained under some 
of the best Entomologist and Pest Management professionals in the world"

G.E.Perkins -  Owner Operator Dominion Pest Control


Member Both National and New England Pest Management Associations



Michelle Philipps - Providence

Gerald came right over, sprayed for wasps around the house carefully avoiding the vegetable gardens, and gave me a 90-day guarantee at a great rate. Nice guy. Seemed to know his stuff about wasps. (We had seen them crawling in the eaves right by the front door many times though not when Gerald was here.)

Thanks Gerald


Carolyn Silva - Newport                           

God bless you, your family and your business. We were one of your first customers many years ago. You totally immunized the 3 story building and the problem has never returned.


Lauri Johnson - Providence

§            Your business was very helpful to our business when we had a problem!you get t   the job done and done correctly- thank God for Dominion...


Dominion Pest Control also supports local Charities such as :


   "Sew into fashion" proceeds to benifit  the ALS Society of Rhode Island


     MS  Walk of Rhode Island


     "Cursebreakers"  basketball league Providence 


      And Several local Churches and Non profit Organizations